A.C.E., Inc. Nationwide Hand Delivery and in person services are the best in the Nation. Our clients benefit from our years of experience and our extensive network of delivery agents.

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One Stop, One Place, One Call or One email, for all your needs. When it comes to hand delivery and Posting notices anywhere in the United States, you can count on us. You need not call multiple companies to manage your letter, demand and notice deliveries. We are a vertical managed compant with the ability to save you time, money and uncertainty. Our representatives are responsible for making sure each and every service is controlled, monitored and finalized to a successful conclusion.

Here is a list of benefits you will receive by selecting us as your go to nationwide service provider.

Peace of Mind
Reasonable Fees
Experienced Agents
Superior Communications
Timely Reports and Paperwork
Proof of Delivery
Real Time Updates
Jurisdictional Affidavits and Proof of Service
Professional Hand Delivery
Private Process Service
Email Transaction updates
Expertise with Locating Missing People
Direct contact with processing agent assigned to your service request
Advancing Witness Fees
Receiving documents via Email Attachment
Accuracy in Reporting
Scanning Affidavits before Mailing Original
Free Notarization of Affidavits
Images, Photo's, Video and GPS Data Assured Compliance
Expert Diligence Search and Locate service
Diligence Affidavits
Statutory Services
Transparency of Processing Records
Open Audit of Account 

Email, info@AceFLA.com
Call, 800-987-4680

Nationwide Delivery, Demand and Posting Services Offered:

Address and or Property Photographic Verification: You provide us with an address; we will provide you with video and/or photographs of the location.

Address Search: You supply us with an address, we ascertain names, phone numbers, past and present occupants, whether owned or rented, commercial or residential, past and present drivers who use (d) the address and any and all business other licenses that may be using the address.

Adverse Information Search: A broad and complete investigation to uncover derogatory information about a person or business, e.g.’s liens, bankruptcies, judgments, lawsuits, judgments, and or criminal records. 

Arrest Records Researched You provide us with the name, social security number, date of birth and the county, city, or town where arrest (s) occurred; we will research, retrieve it, and then provide you with the record (s) if any. 

Asset Locators: We investigate and expose assets owned, sold and or transferred. Investigative information obtained reveals real property ownership; boats, cars, planes, jet ski’s, bank accounts, stocks, bonds and safety deposit boxes, brokerage accounts, equipment, furniture, jewelry, antiques, valuables, painting and more.

Background Check Services: You provide us with a name, social security number, date of birth and last known address; we will provide you with a dossier of personal data, civil and criminal records, if any. This service includes statewide Florida criminal records, Florida Federal; civil and criminal records, county (last known and/or current address location) civil and criminal records. 

Birth and Death Records Search: The service provides you with names, dates and all pertinent information. 

Business / Corporate Search: Investigation services include: corporate ownership, director status, registered agent registration, fictitious name filings and provides you will all the details, such as but not limited to, date of incorporation, date of start up, partners, trademarks, patents, and copy writes. 

Class Action Litigation Support:
We assist Attorneys in gathering information, interviewing, locating and service witnesses and retrieving records, files and information. No assignment is too small or large for us to handle. 

Collections Investigations: If you are having difficulty collecting a bad debt(s) you should be utilizing our services. We gather information, visit locations and even contact the debtor for you. Our skillful covert collection investigation can be quite helpful but having a live person "visit" the debtor may assist you in expediting a quicker payment. We can also skillfully negotiate payments where and when you authorize us to do so. 

Court House Records: Our nationwide network of investigators and researchers can uncover, retrieve and photocopy records on your behalf. Corporate and Business Affiliation Search You provide us with the subject name; we will provide you with all Florida corporate, LLC, GP, PA, PC and RA and or fictitious name affiliation records information. 

Corporate Consulting: Our senior investigator offers twenty-five years of top level corporate experience. Solutions to your problems are ascertained while preventive measures can be recommended so as to avoid future problems. 

Court Courier: We delivery, pick up and retrieve court documents anywhere in the State of Florida. We can also coordinate nationwide retrieval services which we have been managing for twenty years. 

Criminal Background Search: Conducted at the metro, county, state and federal levels. A person with a criminal history may be exposed and all facets of the subject’s records can be documented in great detail.

Date of Birth Investigation You provide us with a name, social security number and last known address; we will provide you with a date of birth. 

Deadbeat Locating and Tracking Services: Expert skip tracing tactics and professional surveillance measures will secure the whereabouts and activities of the deadbeat. 

Death, Probate and or Guardianship Records Located:
You provide us with the name of the decedent and the address and county; we will provide you with the docket sheet and related information for the case file identified. 

Demand Notices:

Demand Letters:

Drivers’ License and Driving Records: We can obtain all driving record information and records from anywhere in the United States and most foreign countries. 

Docket Sheet Retrieval: You supply us with a case number and courthouse location; we provide you with a copy of the docket sheet and related information for the case file identified. 

Document Retrieval: We can retrieve documents, files and records from any location within the State of Florida. Some restrictions and authorization may apply to medical records. 

Doorkocking Services Employment Search: This service will verify a person’s employment history and or current employment status. 

Evasive or Missing People: We specialize in locating people. We offer investigative services for finding heirs, missing or unknown people, witnesses and or defendants that are difficult to find. 

Evictions: We serve all types of Eviction documents Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Inspection Our servers will do inspections to determine the occupancy status and physical condition based on an exterior inspection. 

Foreclosure Services: We are eviction and foreclosure specialists. As Private Investigators and Process Servers we can handle any and all of your needs. 

Hand Delivery: Leased Equipment Inspections If your company has rental equipment, we can track and verify the condition of your property. Legal

Research and Support Services: We assist Attorneys, Insurance companies and business in researching and retrieving pertinent information and or subject products. 

License Tag / Plate Information: You provide us with a Florida vehicle license tag number; we will provide you with the year, make and model of the vehicle and the lien holder and/or owner of the vehicle. 

License Verification Search: This service confirms the validity of licenses for professionals such as, teachers, brokers, doctors, lawyers, security dealers, investigators; also service companies licenses such as landscapers, management companies, health spas, nail salons, plumbers, and electricians. Also pilots, boaters and firearm licenses can be verified. 

Lifestyle Profile Evaluations: We photograph video and research the home and office to give you an accurate insight into a person status quo.

Marriage & Divorce Records Investigations: This service provides you with information relating to a persons marriage and or divorce records. When, where and how many marriages can be revealed.

Merchant Site Inspections Conducted on behalf of financial institutions to verify the validity of the merchant prior to allowing them to accept credit cards for payment. 

Messenger Services: We provide messenger services anywhere in Florida. To have anything picked up or delivered call us. 

Missing Person Investigation: We use expert investigation skills, researchers and database information to track down missing people. In some cases, many services listed herein are utilized to assist in locating the person in question. 

Mitigation Services Mortgage Filing and Recording: We can file and or record your clients Mortgage and Title work. We will arrange for picking up the documents, travel to the appropriate government buildings and file the appropriate documents. After the filing is successfully managed we will return the recorded instruments to a designated address of your choice. 

Name Verification: This service confirms the accuracy and legality of a person’s name. In addition, we can determine if the person changed, altered or had any other names previously to the current one. 

Occupancy Verification Verification of occupancy - determined by physical signs of occupancy, and the overall condition of the property based on exterior inspection. 

Posting Services: 

Probate Records: We can locate, evaluate and retrieve any and all probate records nationwide. Professional License Verification: You provide us with a name and profession; we will provide and confirm the status (past and present) of the licensee and adverse information, if any. 

Process Serving: We offer hand delivery and in person services anywhere in Florda and coordinate nationwide services too. Your Default Notice, Demand, Summons or Subpoena will be served, in person, quickly and efficiently. Experience and knowledge of all applicable laws assures proper and timely service. 

Records Retrieved: We can obtain and copy court files, medical records, legal files, mortgages, financial documents, recorded documents, final dispositions, docket sheets, titles, deeds, etc. 

Skip Tracing ~ Finding someone: Our resourceful investigation tactics afford you the best opportunity to determining a persons last known address and or the current location of the person in question. 

Social Security Number Verification: You provide us with a name and last known address; we will provide you with a social security number (Not available to the public). 

Title and Finance Recording and Retrieval: We can record or retrieve your Title, Mortgage and Deed instruments. We will arrange to pick up the documents, travel to the appropriate government buildings and file the appropriate documents. If retrieving documents is your request we will locate and obtain the information you are seeking. After the filing or retrieval assignment is successfully managed we will return the recorded instruments to a designated address of your choice. 

Notices: We can hand deliver your notices within hours of receiving the notice. Our services and paperwork are handled professionally and are court compliant. 

Vehicle Identification and Ownership Record: You provide us with a V.I.N. number; we will provide you with the current title or lien holder

Title Owner: You provide us with a license tag number; we will provide you with the title or lien holder. A. C. E., Inc. offers your organization a variety of options to ensure the success of your loss mitigation efforts. 

Our experienced network of licensed process servers hand deliver loss mitigation documents directly to homeowners, with personal visits to each property and, if necessary will contact neighbors when necessary.  

Email, info@AceFLA.com

Call, 800-987-4680

Statewide Private Investigation Agency License Number: A9900347