Debtors and Deliquents beware. If you think you can hide, evade or simply avoid the inevitable, you are wrong. We are hired to deliver, in person, letters, demands and notices and will find you.

Demand Letter and Process services

Nationwide Process Servers who give notice to debtors and tenants are available at all addresses in the Nation, Call 800-987-4680

debtors and deliquents beware, here we come !

You owe money and are either late paying or perhaps are not paying at all? Your lender provided you with funds that allowed you to benefit in many ways. Maybe you are late on a credit card payment, not paying rent or stopped paying your car lease? Well that's not cool. Deals and agreements are meant to be honored and when broken you should expect your lender to hire us to start legal action against you. We will be respectful and always perform lawful in person services. You need not worry about us peeking in your windows or doing anything to invade your privacy, so do not worry. However, we will hunt you down, find you at home, visit you in the parking lot at your place of employment; and, find you in public places like games, Post Offices, Libraries, Restaurants, Funerals, Houses of Worship and while you are on vacation. Our job is to notify you with the lenders notice or demand; maybe deliver and serve you a lawsuit or a subpoena? In any case, you can be certain if we are the company your lender hires to notify you, you will encounter us real soon. Our agents are professionals who represent lenders, landlords, finance companies, banks, lenders, law firms, collection agencies and private individuals. So, don't think your non payment, game playing, avoiding telephone calls, not accepting registered / certified mail is simply going to go away. Actually, by avoiding your financial responsilbities in general, not paying and refusing to honor your agreement is just beginning of a long road to more problems and expenses for you! Your lender will not give up on you and neither will we. They hire us to connect with you and we will. We are on the way to meet you and will be seeing you soon! 

We hand deliver and post demand letters, serve legal documents and time sensitive notifications to debtors.


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