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Demand Letter and Process services

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demand Letter hand delivery services, subpoena services and notice posting services explained

Nationwide Demand Letter Services explained:

A demand letter is drafted by you and addressed to the person or business you are seeking to make a demand to. All demand letters usually have details and facts to support why you are making a demand. In most situations a demand letter is accompanied by documentatiion or supporting evidence. 

We hand deliver demand letters to the person or business you are having a conflict with. Our "in their face" services involves meeting a particular person and handing the demand letter directly to that person. Our demand letter services are provided to any and all addresses and to anyone in the United States. 

Subpoena Services explained: 

Unlike Demand Letters or Posting Notices, Subpoena's are "served" and delivered in hand. When we serve a subpoena there are strict statutes and rules that must be adhered to for proper service. Proper service is significant as the person we serve the subpoena to has rights and the way we serve the subpoena must comply with state or federal laws. Subpoena's usually compel a person to appear or to produce records and require compliance by a certain date. Becuase subpoena's relate to court proceedings, a person who ignores the a subpoena may be found in contempt of court.

Notices for Hand Delivery Services Explained:

We post and or hand deliver notices to any business or person you seek to notify. Our agents understand the importance of notifying a person, tenant, employee, witness, defendant, heir, family members, adverse parties and will do whatever we can to hand deliver your notice. We don't mind waiting and we are inclinded to conduct some research about the person before we proceed to hand deliver you notice. 

Whether you need hand delivered documents, posting of a notice or the service of a subpoena, you can depend upon us to make sure your service is handled properly. We pride ourselves on our abilities and look forward to earning your confidence by providing you the best service.

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