Our fees for nationwide hand delivery are fair and reasonable. All fees are based upon the zipcode of the address where your hand delivery is to take place. Fees are also establised by the requested timing of your hand delivery

Demand Letter and Process services

Nationwide Process Servers who give notice to debtors and tenants are available at all addresses in the Nation, Call 800-987-4680

Nationwide Hand Delivery fees

Our fees are considered the most reasonable in the industry. We base our fees upon the timing of your planned service i.e. rush or standard hand delivery and the location where you service is to take place. The faster you need us to deliver, post or serve your important documents the more expensive. If you are not in need of expedited services and are ok with four - five day delivery services, we can offer you flat nationwide volume fees starting at 75.00 per delivery, per address.

$75.00 is the starting volume fee for standard services anywhere in the Nation. We double our fees when you request rush services and triple fees when you request same day service. All same day services must be confirmed and paid for by 12:00 pm Monday through Friday. All fees can be paid for by credit card. We also accept corporate and law firm checks. NO personal checks, sorry.

Email, info@AceFLA.com
Call, 800-987-4680