Have your Lien and Notification delivered by hand. We are hand delivery service providers who will personally deliver your lien and notifcation. Call 800-987-4680

Demand Letter and Process services

Nationwide Process Servers who give notice to debtors and tenants are available at all addresses in the Nation, Call 800-987-4680

Lien Notification hand delivery service

Exercising your lien rights often freezes project funds. Many states require that construction funds be frozen to ensure that money due you is not used elsewhere. This makes the parties holding or managing the funding liable for your debt. When a lien is placed on real property, the owner withholds funds amounting to the value of the lien. This is done because no one wants to be stuck with the debt. Freezing the funds stops the cash flow, substantially increasing your chances of being paid. 

Preliminary Notices.

Each state has distinct filing periods. Don't risk losing your right to file a lien. Let us file and hand deliver your notices for you. 

Mechanic's Liens.

Secure your priority of payment by placing a charge or claim against property. Contractors and sub-contractors count on us to file and hand deliver their mechanic's liens. 

Satisfaction of Liens.

Receiving the full amount stated on your lien means good cash flow. It also means the filing and hand delivery of a satisfaction of lien per your state's deadline. 

Intent to Lien.

Before filing your mechanic's lien, it's good practice to state your intent to file a lien, if payment isn't received. Rules vary by state. 

Hand Delivery of Notification of Pending or Actual Lien.

Have your intentions made by hand delivering your documents. We will appear, in person, and hand your notification to the person or business the lien involves.

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